Medical Surveillance

The content of our medicals is based on the industry and occupation of the worker. This customised medical ensures that we perform the testing relevant to the client needs and policies. We also provide a "fit-to-work certificate" to the company stating that the individual is fit or unfit for the position the individual is employed in, or outlining any restrictions

Pre Placement Medical Examination Screening

Enabling the correct placement of workers according to their physical and mental compatibility to Job Specifications.  All employees need to have a baseline medical examination within 30 days of employment

Annual Medical Examination Screening

Recording the Health Status of the workers Annually and compare results with their baseline

Working on Height and Confined Space Medical Screening

Recording the Health Status of workers to determine if the individual is fit to work on heights

Exit Medical Screening

Recording the Health Status of workers to on Termination of Service to prevent later litigation

Medical Screening above Includes:

  • Completion of a detailed Occupational Health history and Medical Questionnaires
  • Physical Examination Screening, Blood Pressure reading, Urine screening, Height, Weight, and BMI
  • Vision Screening - Keystone / Snellen
  • Lung Function Screening - Required when the individual is exposed to High Levels of Dust, Silica, Welding Fumes
  • Audiometric Baseline / Screening (Hearing Test)
  • 5/6 Panel drug screening for Drivers
  • Working on Heights Screening
  • Biological Monitoring - If exposed to Table 3 and 4 Chemicals on the Hazardous Chemical Tables or over exposure of Chemicals

 Medical Examination Screening Includes

 Physical Examination Screening

  • Physical Examination Screening
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Body Mass Index
  • Urine Analysis Screening
  • 5 Panel Drug Screening for Drivers and according to Company Policy
  • Cholesterol Reading (When Requested)
  • Glucose Reading (Sugar) (When Required)
  • Report of Physical Examination findings 

 Vision Screening

  • Vision Accuracy Screening
  • Orthorator Vision Screening (Keystone) for Computer users, Drivers and other High Risk Employees
  • Snellen Chart Screening for employees that do not use their eyes under strain
  • Report of Vision Screening findings

Audiometric Screening

  • Audiometric Questionnaire
  • Ear Examination
  • Audiometric Baseline or Screening according to legislation (Instruction 171)
  • Calibration Certificates of Equipment
  • Report of Audiometric Screening conducted

  Lung Function Screening

  • Lung Function Questionnaire
  • Lung Function Screening 
  • Report on Lung Function Screening Conducted

A comprehensive Report and Medical Fitness Certificates, Issued to the Company on all medicals conducted 


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