SiteMed is an Occupational Health Mobile company that is dynamic and flexible to be able to meet the individual needs of each client. SiteMed is dedicated to offer “On Site” and Cost-effective Occupational Health Services

As a company committed to invest in the wellbeing of its staff, thereby reducing staff absenteeism, you are able to provide them with Occupational Health Mobile Screening, which is offered on site with little disruption to the working day and no staff travel cost

Medicals conducted on site will be in a purpose-built Mobile Assessment Unit with  state of the art equipment, two sound proof booths for Audiometric screening, vision screeners, Lung function machines, to name but a few

Medicals are conducted by qualified staff according to preset clinical standards with all results overviewed by an Occupational Health Medical Practitioner 


Services Provided

  • Medical Examination / Screening
  • Audiometric Screening (Hearing)
  • Lung Function Screening
  • Vision Screening (Snellen / Keystone)
  • 12 Lead ECG
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Vaccinations
  • Other Occupational Health Services

Medical Surveillance

The content of medicals is based on the industry and occupation of the worker. This customised medical, ensures that screening is done relevant to the client’s needs. A "fit-to-work certificate" is provided of each employee screened, to the company, stating that the individual is fit not unfit for the position, and outlining any restrictions


Types of Medical Examination

Pre Placement/Baseline Medical Examinations

Enabling the correct placement of workers, according to their physical and mental compatibility to Job Specifications

Annual / Transfer Medical Examinations

Recording the Health Status of the workers annually according to risk exposure and compare results with their baseline

Exit Medical Examinations

Recording the Health Status of workers on Termination of Service to prevent later litigation


This includes

  • Completion of Occupational Health, Working History and Medical Questionnaires
  • Physical Examination Screening
  • Vision Screening
  • Lung Function Screening - Only if the individual is exposed to High Levels of Dust, Silica or Welding Fumes
  • Audiometric Baseline/Screening - Required if the individual is exposed to Noise Levels higher than 85Db or as company policy
  • Working on Height or Confined space Screening
  • Biological Monitoring - Required if the individual is exposed to Table 3 and 4 Chemicals on the Hazardous Chemical Tables or over exposure of Chemicals
  • 5/6 Panel Drug Screening and Keystone Vision screening for all Drivers
  • 12 lead ECG if requested
  • Vaccinations as required
  • Referring of Abnormal Medical and Occupational Health findings



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